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At the core of our company, we are focused on directly integrating a shoe sole to a shoe upper to make the shoe as durable as possible. To prevent shoe breakdown, we have revolutionized the bonding process by shifting from adhering two flat pieces of material along an interface to physically interlocking the components.

As a result, footwear that uses our technology...


Lasts longer (we cannot emphasize this enough)


Can withstand greater forces and strain


Is fully recyclable


Utilizes less material to provide a long period of wear time


Does not require the use of toxic chemical adhesives

Athletic & Industrial

We took the injection molding process
and made it better.

Intego Meets Industrial Footwear

Intego Meets Athletic Footwear

The athletic footwear industry is rapidly evolving and putting more emphasis on sustainability. The sustainability of a shoe is directly tied to durability because longer lasting shoes use less material over time.

How do we help, really?

Our technology uses direct attach injection molding which is the market’s current strongest bond. With this, we provide athletic footwear companies the opportunity to adopt a more sustainable, efficient, and durable process.

When consumers buy a pair of work boots or safety shoes, they are relying on the company to create shoes that last. Industrial footwear goes through a lot to wear and tear, and consumers are constantly seeking a more durable option. 

How do we help, really?

Our process allows you to increase the durability and lifetime of your footwear. Durability is directly tied to price point and customer satisfaction, so we help companies price their shoes at a premium and keep their reputation high. 

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